Ensure proper disposal of medical waste in Bangladesh

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Medical Waste
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Pollution from Medical Waste

Nishat Sharmin Seoul, MBBS 5th year, Rajshahi Medical College, Rajshahi

(The Daily Star) Medical waste is highly infectious and hazardous. They may carry the germs of dreadful diseases like hepatitis B & C, and HIV/AIDS. The problem is growing with ever-increasing number of hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centres in the major cities of Bangladesh.

The scenario of medical waste management in most of the hospitals and clinics are not satisfactory in our country. Traditional and out-dated systems of waste management in health facilities are practiced and their improper disposal leads to environment pollution and creates public health hazards.

Lack of awareness, appropriate policies and laws are primarily responsible for the improper management of medical waste. The process of collection, segregation and disposal of medical waste is not performed according to standard practice. So people are exposed to the danger of such wastes.

It is very important to ensure patient safety by keeping the health centre clean and environmentally sound. The improvement of waste management in clinics and hospitals is essential to minimise the spread of infectious diseases.

The government and medical authorities should take all the necessary steps to ensure proper disposal of toxic medical wastes.


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